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Goals without a plan are just dreams

I came across a quote while scrolling through Pinterest one evening and it said, "goals without a plan are just dreams" and it stuck with me. If you're anything like me I always viewed dreams as those things that sound great but aren't something you will ever reach, which is far from the truth.

It's easy to list out all the things you want in life, but what are you actually willing to do to get those things. At the beginning of this month I started a "dreams list." I am aiming to have 100 dreams written out by the end of the month. Now, to most of you that sounds crazy and maybe it is. But there is something about writing them out and seeing them in front of you that makes you think more about them. I spend time each day dedicated to visualizing these dreams and coming up with plans to make them happen. Some of them are pretty simple and are easier to obtain but others will take years. The important thing is I am finally taking the time to come up with a plan to make them happen. Once there is a plan set in place and I start working towards whatever it is, it's no longer a dream it becomes a goal.

Dream and dream big, write them out, and figure out what it is you need to do in order to make those dreams a reality. And don't tell me it's not possible. Look around you, look at the people that are doing the things you want to do or have the things you want to have. Not all dreams are out of reach, they just require effort.

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